A Heavenly Franchise Opportunity

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The Bowl of Heaven Acai Bowl Franchise Program:
Blending Experience and Fun

Ever heard of the Brazilian acai berry? Or the Vietnamese gac fruit, for that matter? These are just some of the key beneficial ingredients that go into our uniquely delicious acai bowls and smoothies. Great tasting and good for you, they could also be the key to a refreshing new career path that leads you to growth and independence as a Bowl of Heaven acai bowl franchise owner. What began as a family-owned, fun-to-operate business has quickly grown into multiple locations with an ardent and growing customer base. And though we are thrilled to have the opportunity to make customers happier and healthier, and have such a good time while we’re doing so, we’re also very serious about business and committed to our mission of offering high-quality products and services to people across the country.

With our backgrounds in healthcare, biochemistry and medicine, and years of experience as entrepreneurs and business motivators, we are now seeking out like-minded, well-skilled, and financially capable people to join our family.

That’s where you enter the picture. Imagine yourself operating your own Bowl of Heaven location, or locations, where people of all ages gather to enjoy and benefit from heavenly acai bowls and smoothies. You can help us bring the joy of blending exotic fruits and healthy food to billions of people, while you work to secure your own future!

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To find out more about the Bowl of Heaven acai bowl franchise program, visit our Frequently Asked Questions page, request a brochure, or contact us at 424-333-2550 or franchise@bowlofheaven.com.
The Evolution of the Frozen Dessert Franchise Opportunity
First it was ice cream…then frozen yogurt…and now acai bowls!

Bowl of Heaven is a winning mix: the freshness and goodness of the acai bowl blended with the solid market demand for and wide consumer appeal of frozen desserts and smoothies, all served up in flexible, appealing locations. It simply adds up to tremendous opportunity!

Multiple studies and articles tout the benefits of the ingredients that go into our unique acai bowls and smoothies. With their very high antioxidant capacity, acai berries and other superfruits, combined with other all-natural and delicious ingredients such as organic honey, granola, coconut, dark chocolate, and more, in our unique recipes provide customers of all types and ages (young and old, families and singles, health nuts and sweet tooth satisfiers) with frozen treats that taste amazing and also make them feel good about themselves!

*Note: Our nutritious frozen treats definitely make our customers feel great and keep them coming back for more! And, in certain approved locations, we go a step further – a step that can also mean additional potential revenue streams for our franchisees – by offering a full-service energy, weight-loss, and anti-aging nutrition center.

Want to take the next step towards an exciting future, backed by the support of a dedicated team of experienced professionals? If you’d enjoy being a full-time, hands-on franchise operator who can really make a difference in the lives of people in your local community, the Bowl of Heaven frozen dessert franchise opportunity could be right for you.

Contact us today and find out more about our revolutionary frozen dessert franchise program. Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page, request a brochure, or call or email us at 424-333-2550 or franchise@bowlofheaven.com.
Advantages of Our Revolutionary Healthy Snack Franchise

As a Bowl of Heaven franchise owner, you can rely on our expertise and experience, and take advantage of our full suite of support services, including:

• Comprehensive pre-opening training at corporate headquarters, as well as on-site at your franchise location
• Guidance on site selection and set-up, including advice on layout, décor and signage, inventory equipment through approved suppliers, and more
• Ongoing on-site and remote support, to help keep your operations running smoothly
• A detailed and confidential operations manual that covers the important aspects of daily store operations.
• Assistance with local advertising and marketing efforts, including customizable materials and advice on effective media campaigns and social media presence

Take the next step. Join the Bowl of Heaven healthy snack franchise revolution! Leverage our knowledge and guidance, and be the proud owner-operator of a growing, popular business. Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page, request a brochure, or contact us at 424-333-2550 or franchise@bowlofheaven.com.
What will I receive as part of the Bowl of Heaven franchise system?
We will provide corporate-based training to you, as the franchisee, and to one other designated individual, with a minimum duration of 24 hours of classroom and 40 hours of on-the-job training. We will also provide up to three days of on-site training around the time of your Grand Opening. As a franchise owner, you will have access to all Bowl of Heaven exclusive trademarks, recipes, products and procedures. We’ll also present you with a copy of our confidential operations manual to help you run your franchise location properly on a day-to-day basis.

What type of prior experience do I need to have?
You don’t necessarily need to have specific business ownership experience or a background in foodservice or nutrition to become a franchise owner with Bowl of Heaven. We look for people who are passionate, customer-service oriented and who have a desire to make a difference in their local communities. We prefer franchise owners who will be directly involved in the operations and growth of their Bowl of Heaven franchises, unless they have an operating partner with a minimum 5% equity in the business. In turn, we’ll provide the support franchisees need to run their Bowl of Heaven franchise. We do, of course, also expect that franchisees have the right amount of capital to invest in the business.

How much will the Bowl of Heaven franchise investment cost me?
The estimated required investment for a single start-up Bowl of Heaven franchise location ranges from $135,500 to $328,500, including a franchise fee of $25,000 (a reduced franchise fee is available for qualified military veterans). As with any new business venture, it’s important that you have the capital needed to adequately fund your new business.

Are there ongoing fees paid to the franchisor?
Franchisees will be required to pay royalties of 6% of gross revenues. These fees allow us to fund our ongoing support services and the continued development of products and procedures, marketing tools, training programs, and systems upgrades.

Are there any advertising fees?
Franchisees will be required to spend a minimum of 3% of gross sales on local marketing. Franchisees will also contribute up to 2% of gross revenues to the system marketing fund. Collected funds will be used to develop marketing strategies to promote the Bowl of Heaven brand and fund the creative costs to develop any local franchise marketing materials and campaigns.

Is financing available?
We do not offer direct financing to franchisees. We may be able to provide references to qualified financing or lending resources, on a case-by-case basis.

What is the term of the franchise agreement?
The initial term of your franchise agreement is five years, with three subsequent renewal terms of five years each.

How do I get started?
If you're interested in finding out more about a Bowl of Heaven franchise, request a brochure about our franchise program. Or you can contact us at 424-333-2550 or franchise@bowlofheaven.com to discuss the possibility of setting up a visit to view our operations, meet with key franchise management staff, and receive our FDD (Franchise Disclosure Document) which contains all the important details you'll need to make an informed decision.