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Pitaya: A Fruit Packed with (Nutrient) Punch 

Have you seen some of our more vibrant-colored bowls, hot pink blend with a dash of green mint on top?...


Gac: Fruit From Heaven 

  The Gac fruit—regarded as “Fruit from Heaven”—is grown in Northern Vietnam and turns a vibrant orange when ripe. In fact,...

Maqui Berry with Green Leaves

Maq 7: The Ultimate Combination of Superfruits 

How can you get a load of nutrition in just 1 oz? Maq 7. Our own proprietary blend of seven...

Chocolate Shavings

What Are The Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate? 

What are the health benefits of dark chocolate? In the last few years, research on the health benefits of dark...

Acai Bowl at Bowl of Heaven

2016: Year of Acai Bowls 

We came across this article recently where Baum + Whiteman, a New York-based group, made their prediction for which foods...