About Us 

Our Humble Beginning

Our History On How We Started Our Dream

While attending university on the North Shore of Oahu, Brandon Beazer fell madly in love with acai bowls. It only took one bite and Brandon was instantly addicted. Graduating with degrees in Pre-Professional Biology and Biochemistry in December 2008, Brandon had already accepted to medical school and thought his future was set. However, he couldn’t shake his acai addiction, an addiction that would eventually lead him down a completely different path.

Dan McCormick is a highly successful entrepreneur, author, and radio show host.  His mission is to inspire individuals to align their lives with purpose, responsibility, vision, and principles of greatness. This vision along with his passion for helping others achieve success has enabled him to build several multi-million dollar businesses.  Dan has spent the last 30 plus years building thriving businesses and speaking around the world in nutrition, skin care, and the anti-aging industry.  Dan and his wife reside in Orange County and have four married daughters, and five adorable grandchildren.  Dan is very active and loves yoga, golf, and fitness in general.

During one of Dan’s visits to Hawaii, Brandon introduced him to the amazing acai bowls he had become obsessed with at a local stand. Wishing they could enjoy the same delicious exotic supefruit bowls in California, it wasn’t long before they found themselves drawing up business plans for the original Bowl of Heaven. Their dreams became reality as they opened their first Bowl of Heaven in Rancho Santa Margarita, California August 29, 2010.

With Dan’s unique business background and Brandon’s vision of the acai bowl market potential, they were determined to become a winning team!